Elul Chevruta Lovefest

Welcome to the gorgeous, centuries-old experiment of investing in deep, intentional chevruta study during the month of Elul!

Studying Talmud is a spiritual practice done in “chevruta—in accountable partnership. Like all relationships, learning in chevruta requires care, attention, and work. The Rabbis designated the month of Elul to prepare for the Days of Awe (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), and it’s a prime time to tend to our chevruta dynamics. We invite y’all to take the opportunity to notice what aspects of our learning help us grow, become more self-aware, and become more empathetic.

On this portal, you will find all the materials you and your chevruta need to learn together, including where to start, Hint Sheets, Kra Sheets, and other goodies. Get ready to pair this learning with lots of support from SVARA along the way, including:

  • A dedicated Fairy and lots of attention in Fairy Hours
  • Four optional live sessions (Zoom Link; Meeting ID: 883 1913 9737), including:
    • A joyful Kick-Off and deep dive into chevruta learning
    • Open Bet Midrash sessions for you to learn with your chevruta with live support
    • A Siyum to MAJORLY clap you up!

We are so grateful that you are joining us on this collective journey of learning and reflection.